Vandals trash bathroom at Jonesboro's Miracle League park

Vandals trash bathroom at Jonesboro's Miracle League park

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department is searching for the vandals who trashed the women's bathroom at the Miracle League park late Tuesday night.

They shattered mirrors, clogged every toilet with toilet paper rolls, broke some toilets with cinder blocks, and more. 

At least 6 inches of water flooded the bathroom, which is evident from the water mark on the walls.

Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Director Wixson Huffstetler estimates the damage could cost several thousand dollars. 

"I just encourage kids to realize what they have in life," Huffstetler said. "I mean this is a one of a kind facility. This isn't your everyday neighborhood park so just please take care of our parks for our quality of life."

Based on the footprints police recovered, Huffstetler suspects several kids were the culprits.

Just last month, vandals hit Joe Mack Campbell Park, breaking nine windows, setting parts of the bathroom on fire, and damaging soap and paper dispensers.

That damage also cost thousands of dollars to repair. 

Sharron Turman, the Director of the Miracle League, said there is still a list of things they plan to do in order to finish with the park. Included on the list are security cameras and a fence that will surround the play area. She said before the event, the playground and the bathrooms would remain open for people to use. Now, Turman said the park will close at night.

"Then it will be locked down just like Joe Mack Campbell Park is at night and the bathrooms will be, indeed, locked from now on at night," Turman said.  

She wanted the community to know that the area is still a safe place for children and families. She believed that this incident was just a random act of vandalism and hopes acts like this one will stop when the park receives security cameras.

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