A-State students spread the love with Valentine's Day video

A-State students spread the love with Valentine's Day video

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University released a video Wednesday night on Facebook to get students and Red Wolves fans in the Valentine's Day spirit.

They released the video promoting

. While it's not an actual dating site, the video is entertaining and getting lots of clicks. The students behind it are proud.

“A spoof off the dating websites like E-Harmony, places like that,” said senior Austin Lott. “We thought it would be funny to try to make it seem like we had one here at Arkansas State.”

Lott wrote the script for the Red Wolves Date video, and while it pokes fun with quotes like “I've tried other dating sites. All I found were pigs,” it's those behind the scenes the university is proud of.

“A lot of the work done with this is done after hours by the students,” Director of Marketing and Communications, Bill Smith said. “They are taking this on and doing it as their passion project for us.”

The video was produced entirely by Arkansas State students and alumni. Caleb Broussard, ASU freshman, said he's learning valuable skills for his future.

“Having a job like this as a freshman makes me look a whole lot better when I go look for a full time job after college,” Broussard said.

Broussard said he is grateful for the experience.

“Just being a part of it, learning about just film, and how to make a good video has really been an awesome opportunity,” Broussard said.

Lott knows projects like this will be great talking points during job interviews.

“Working on actual productions like this is a great real world experience,” Lott said. "I can show to employers coming out that I have experience and know what I'm doing."

Smith said the Red Wolves Date video sheds a good light on the university.

“To project Arkansas State, and Jonesboro, and Northeast Arkansas as a place that is inviting and fun and wonderful to spend your college year,” Smith said.

After looking over the data, Smith said the video has been shared nearly 100,000 times.

“It's being shared among our students,” Smith said. “It's being shared among our alums, and now people all across the country are beginning to get an idea of hey, what's happening at Arkansas State? That place looks fun.”

Smith said they created the actual website

to add an extra element of interest.

The students hope this video helped get everyone ready for Valentine's Day.

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