Sheriff warns citizens of 3 scams in the area

Sheriff warns citizens of 3 scams in the area

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - In recent days the Cross County Sheriff's Office has received numerous complaints of people receiving calls from the Internal Revenue Service, Publishers Clearing House, and Entergy.

There is just one problem. The callers are scam artists and, according to Sheriff J.R. Smith, are not affiliated with the companies they represent.

In the IRS scam, the callers claim the person owes back taxes.

If the target refuses to provide personal information, the caller then threatens to send the police to arrest them.

Sheriff Smith assures citizens the IRS will not call asking for personal information nor will they send police to arrest them.

The Entergy scam is similar in nature in that it requires the victim to pay up or face retaliation. There is, however, one difference: instead of individuals, this one targets businesses.

The callers will claim that the business owner has not paid the bill and the utilities will be shut off immediately.

Meanwhile, the crooks behind the Publishers Clearing House scam promise their victim thousands of dollars but only if paid a "processing fee."

According to the sheriff all of these scams have one thing in common: they're designed to get the victim's personal information, which Smith urges citizens not to do.

To report a suspected scam, call the sheriff's office at (870) 238-5700.

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