A Better Region 8: Thanking those working hard to keep us safe

A Better Region 8: Thanking those working hard to keep us safe

I'm sure you've seen the commercial here on KAIT that says, "Remember last year? We do." Monday's winter weather definitely left me needing warmer weather in a big way.

My hat's off to Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan, Morning Meteorologist Justin Logan, Meteorologist Andrew Wilson and the entire news team, who went live to show us conditions across all of Region 8. They are a team who is focused on our viewers and for that I thank them.

But there are many more hard working people who deserve our thanks. This winter weather event didn't have the widespread power outages that we've seen in the past. We should thank the folks at our power utilities who brave some tough conditions to keep the power on. In a way, they're keeping us warm. To the police officers and fire fighters who respond no matter what kind of weather comes our way. They keep us safe. And we should thank the city and county workers who drive the plows and salt trucks. They work so hard to keep our roads clear. These are the folks who sacrifice to make life better and safer.

As we look at the 7-day forecast, Ryan and the team are telling us to be on the lookout for more possible winter weather in the days to come. So between now and the next possible round of winter weather, thank the folks are who are working for you. It will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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