Mississippi River Swells Due to Heavy Northern Rains

Jaunary 14, 2005--Posted 5:30 pm CST

Osceola, AR--TheMississippi River is once again trying to flex its muscle.  Heavy rains and snow to the north of the region is feeding the river.  Officials caution that more rain is in the Mississippi River System right now than at any other time over the past fifty years.  Thankfully, that is the bad news, the good news is that the area is ready for anything the river can currently throw at the area.

“All that water has to eventually come past us here.” David Berretta says.  Berretta is the Chief Hydrologist at the U.S. Corps of Engineers located in Memphis.  “The flooding we will primarily see will be on the riverside of the levees and in backwater areas.” 

Osceola Mayor Dickie Kennemore agrees.  He says dealing with the Mississippi River is an everyday job and that his town is prepared.  “There’s nothing for the people of Mississippi County to worry about.” he said.  “We have no worries with the river at this level or levels considerably higher.”

The river is expected to Crest in about a week as long as no more rainwater falls in the Mississippi River Basin.