City and county departments do their part to clear roads

City and county departments do their part to clear roads

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - All day Tuesday, city and county crews in Region 8 worked to clear the roads of dangerous ice.

Mayor Mike Gaskill of Paragould said he has had trucks spread sand and salt to make the roads safer. He said clearing ice proves to be a much bigger challenge than clearing snow.

The city of Paragould contains 230 miles of paved roads. Gaskill said his crews couldn't get to every road. Their focus is on the roads most traveled. He said the sun has helped melt some of the ice.

"The big thing today, as you see when you're coming in, the good Lord is providing sun for us and he would make a bigger difference, quicker than we can with our equipment," Gaskill said. "But hopefully we will have some sunshine for the next few days that will take care of that."

The Greene County Road Department also had crews out. County Judge Rusty McMillon spent most of the day assessing the roads. He said they received phone calls from concerned citizens, wondering when someone would clear their road.

"We do hope and plan to hit every road in the county," McMillon said. "Mainly hitting the ones that are most heavily trafficked and moving out from there to the smaller roads and try to give the best attention that we can and give them some tender love and care."

The big fear is that when the ice melts in the day, it will refreeze at night. McMillon advised residents to stay home if they can. He said if you have to get out on the road, drive carefully.

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