Restaurants see slow but grateful business during bad weather

Restaurants see slow but grateful business during bad weather

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Roads were still slick Tuesday morning and many businesses erred on the side of caution, keeping their doors closed.

By Tuesday afternoon, sunshine and snowplows had cleared a majority of the roads in the area. Not only did it give drivers the confidence to get behind the wheel, it gave some restaurants the confidence to open their doors.

Some however, never closed.

"The bad weather, it's coming, we can't do anything about it but we still wanted to be open because I know people in Paragould need to eat in good restaurants," Eddy Gattuzo said.

Avanzare Italian Dining in Paragould has only been open two weeks and Gattuzo said though in-restaurant dining was a bit slow on Monday, the restaurant still had a lot of business.

"Many orders, pick-up orders. We have sold many pizzas," Gattuzo said.

For Kiss the Cook in Downtown Paragould, business was actually slower Tuesday than Monday.

"I think just with the threat of the roads being as slick as they were supposed to be today and they were and they were, early this morning," owner Libby Glasco said.

Glasco has ran the business for 14 years. In that time, she's seen her fair share of crippling storms.

In March of 2014, Glasco said Kiss the Cook was closed three days in a row.

"Trucks not being able to get to us, food trucks being out, my staff just completely being shut down, not being able to get out," she explained. "You have to make those calls and it's a hard call to make."

She said sometimes, even if the doors are open, business won't come.

"I've come in and opened my doors and it be winter and no one come in and I've had to pay staff so you can lose money," Glasco said.

On Tuesday though, for both Kiss the Cook and Avanzare, a little extra work for them turned into a lot of gratitude from customers.

"They left happy from here. they were happy they had a good place to come and eat," Gattuzo said.

Glasco said social media plays a large role in determining whether or not to open during inclement weather. The feedback she receives can determine whether or not they open their doors.

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