Pipe prep for the winter weather

Pipe prep for the winter weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Icy roads and cold weather are only a few issues that arise when winter weather hits. Another is frozen or busted pipes at home.

Kevan Inboden with Jonesboro City Water & Light said in order to properly protect your pipes from the cold weather you need to be proactive. He explained that when water freezes, it expands. When it expands in pipes, it causes pressure that can potentially rupture them. If this happens, it can mean trouble.

"If a pipe is frozen and it did burst, it can create a lot of damage once that water thaws and begins to flow out inside the house," Inboden said.

If your pipes are frozen, Inboden said there isn't a lot that can be done. A good way of checking to see if this occurred is to run a faucet. If water doesn't run through it, the pipe may be frozen.

Inboden said if you suspect your pipe is frozen, don't panic right away. The pipe may thaw out as the weather gets better. He said monitoring pipes that may be frozen is the best thing to do.

He said that the best thing to do in winter weather is to spend the small amount of money to prepare your pipes.

"A little bit of proactivity that really doesn't cost much money when you look at the amount of water that you're using and the potential cost of that, that is a drop in the bucket, pardon the pun, compared to the potential repair costs that come from a busted pipe from inside a house," Inboden said.

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