World War II Veterans Come Together in Jonesboro

January 15, 2004--Posted 4:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--60 years ago most of the guys spending Saturday at the St Bernards Auditorium were overseas.  60 years ago Albert Richardson lost his arm.  And 60 years ago Philip Hudson was fixing radios and radar for theU.S. army and also was finding the key to Hitler’s own personal bathroom.  These men, who made their way to the auditorium, are just like you.  They are just a bit older, a bit wiser, and they all have stories to tell.


The day was scheduled to salute our World War II Veterans.  Four of the five major military branches were represented.  From Guadalcanal on over to the Battle of the Bulge, these men have seen the worst war can bring.  They’ve also helped save the world and freedom.


The event was sponsored by the Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation.  The day started with a reception and brief presentation where each of the armed service branches was honored.  The Morrison sisters also sang the Star Spangled Banner and after the program serenaded the soldiers with songs sang during the war era.  There was dancing along with food and good times.


The emotional day ended with the song "Amazing Grace" played with bagpipes.