Area 1 Special Olympics Hosts First Ever Polar Bear Plunge

January 14, 2005 -- Posted at 5:00 p.m.

WALCOTT -- With temperatures hovering at a balmy 33 degrees, several people geared up to take the big plunge.

"I can't stop, I am just going to have to run and do it. There's no way to stop and think....just gonna have to jump,"said Brande Davis, of Hoxie.

Dawn Sims is a teacher in Rector.

"It's for an absolutely great cause. There's not a better cause that I could think of,"said Sims.

That cause is the Special Olympics of Arkansas.

Thirty percent of the money raised will stay in our area.

The rest will be used at state level for competitions, and other activities.

Vonnie Greer and Audrea Kings are the directors of today's Polar Bear Plunge.

"We asked them to please sponsor us, and would you sponsor us to jump in the lake in January. People said we're crazy, and yes, we may be, but people will pay to see crazy people jump in the lake in January. That's how we raised the money," said King and Greer.

So after a quick check of the water temperature......39 degrees, conditions were just right for an afternoon swim.

More than 1600 dollars was raised at today's event, and folks said they will suit up again next year for the Polar Bear Plunge.

Directors say they plan on making the Polar Bear Plunge an annual event.