Groom has seizure, bride seizes another man to marry

(RNN) – A bride in India decided to ditch her husband-to-be for one of her wedding guests. No word on if he had a good seat before he was named groom.

The varmala ritual, a flower and garland exchange between the bride and groom, is an important part of a traditional Indian wedding.

It was during this ritual, The Times of India reports, that Jugal Kishore, a young groom in northern India, had an epileptic seizure and was taken to the hospital. His bride-to-be, Indira, was stunned. Her surprise turned to anger when she realized his family had not told her about his medical condition.

Indira didn't let any of this get in the way of getting married, however. She decided she'd marry one of the wedding guests, Harpal Singh, on the spot and announced her intentions to the other guests.

Singh agreed to be Indira's groom and took part in varmala and the rest of the day's wedding ceremonies.

In a twist right out of Bollywood, Kishore regained consciousness, left the hospital and went back to the wedding, only to find that Indira had married another man.

According to The Times of India, he begged Indira to reconsider, saying "he would not be able to face friends and neighbors if he returned without her." Indira was not interested.

When that didn't work, his family and some wedding guests turned to mild violence, attacking the bride with silverware and dishes in an effort to convince her to change her mind.

Indira stood her ground and Kishore's family filed a complaint with the police, which they later withdrew. The families are said to have resolved the situation. Kishore has moved back home with his family.

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