Drivers face flooded roads Saturday

Drivers face flooded roads Saturday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It was a very long and stressful week for many in Region 8 as winter weather hit.

Early in the week, Region 8 experienced snow, sleet, and ice, and by Saturday roads were clear but rain continued to fall.

Drivers said the roads this past week were very dangerous. "It's been treacherous," Brian Hughes said.

"Wet, cold, and slipping and a sliding," Robert Miller said.

"I hate it," Freda Foster said. "I hate it. This is the first time I've been out since Sunday."

Saturday's rain washed most ice and snow off the roads but not without causing some floods. Freda Foster drove to Jonesboro from Harrisburg and said she saw rising water in the ditches.

"It was up to the highway, but it hadn't crossed over the highway yet so maybe it's not going to rain anymore, and we can see it all go down and turn sunny and be warm weather again," Foster said.

Rain fell most of the day Saturday and temperatures stayed in the 30's. Many in Region 8 agreed with Foster. They said they are ready to feel some warmer temperatures.

"I'd really like for spring to pop up all of a sudden," Michael Miller said. "I need to get out my motorcycle and ride."

"Ready to plant that garden," Hughes said.

Unfortunately, it may be some time before the weather warms up, but the kids who were out of school this week don't seem to mind the winter weather.

"It was awesome," Kylee Gathright said. "I liked it being out of school."

"My weeks been really good because all I've really done is sleep in until like two," Jozalyn Keys said.

"It was amazing," Jordan Boyd said. "It hurt sometimes, but it was fun."

Regardless of school closing, drivers agreed they'll take this rain over what they've seen this week.

"I love this rain compared to that snow and ice," Foster said.

"I don't want no ice, no ice at all," Robert Miller said.

Many streets and sidewalks were still covered in slush and large puddles Saturday afternoon. Drivers should continue to take caution as some of the water could refreeze overnight.

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