Ice dams affect Region 8 homes and businesses

Ice dams affect Region 8 homes and businesses

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Many Region 8 residents saw roof damage in their homes because of ice dams that accumulated after the second wave of snow and ice.

An ice dam occurs when ice freezes enough to keep rain and melting ice from escaping the roof.

The water then works its way underneath shingles and into your home.

Phillip Greer, the owner of MF Block Insurance, said his business received many calls Saturday from residents with roof problems. He said this problem is not just specific to Region 8 but most of the state.

Residential areas are not the only buildings affected. Greene County Tech's intermediate school received some damage as well.

"I think we had the perfect storm as for the possibility for roof leaks," Assistant Superintendent Gene Weeks said. "We had all the snow and ice that had been frozen for a week and then the gutters were frozen and then you bring in a 12 hour rain like we got yesterday."

Greer said the best thing people can do when a lot of snow and ice accumulates is try to prevent more damage from occurring.

"Well first thing they need to do is try to stop whatever damage they can obviously," Greer said. "The best thing to do is what we did is put buckets in our attic to try to prevent as much damage as possible. If you do have damage, go ahead and take videos, take pictures, call your agent."

Weeks said his crew will work to finish cleaning up the hallways before the kids return to school on Monday.

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