The future of Piggott following factory closure announcement

The future of Piggott following factory closure announcement

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - Residents and the mayor of Piggott talked Monday on the impact the closing of the LA Darling factory would have on the community.

The LA Darling Factory announced February 19 that they would be closing the doors of the Piggott location. The company will lay off approximately 60 to 70 workers.

Mayor Jim Poole said the impact of this closing will be big for the city of Piggott.

"At this point though, the jobs for Piggott were very important," Poole said.

Poole said the impact is not just economical but emotional as well. Many of the workers at the factory have been there for 20 years or more and were shocked to hear the news of the closing.

Natasha Simpson, the manager at The Piggott Diner, said she is afraid many of the workers will leave the community to find other jobs.

Holley Owen, a waitress at the diner, said many of the workers from the factory eat at the restaurant. She said the closing is a sore subject for them and most won't even talk about it. Simpson and Owen both said that LA Darling was the last factory in town and they believe this will prevent people from moving to Piggott.

"I feel like it's gonna kind of take away from people moving to Piggott," Owen said. "Piggott is gonna kinda die down, I feel like."

Mayor Poole said he has tried to bring in more businesses and industry to the town but has been unsuccessful.

"We'd like to get some more industry back in Piggott," Poole said.

The Governor's Displacement Workers Task Force will visit Piggott to assist those who were laid off at the factory. There is currently no specific date on when the task force will arrive.

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