Winter storm puts dent in AHTD salt stock

Winter storm puts dent in AHTD salt stock

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department was busy last week clearing the roadways and spreading salt after the winter storm that hit Region 8.

Their busy stretch started Feb. 15, when the ice began to fall and build up on the roadways.

While salt was in good supply before last week's storm, the department now needs more of the ice-melting mix.

"This past winter we have approximately used about 2,000 yards of salt total, and by far the biggest bulk of that has been this past week," said Walter McMillan with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Now that all of the salt that has been used, there is a lot of empty space in their storage unit, but McMillan said the department has more salt coming this week.

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