Businesses benefit from wintry conditions

Businesses benefit from wintry conditions

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Winter can be hard on some businesses, but for others it can mean big bucks when things get icy.

Britney Lucio is an employee at Stadium Auto Body and said the ice storm last week kept things busy.

"We have had an increase in towing activity, as well as accidents due to the ice storm," Lucio said.

While work increased in towing, auto body work increased as well according to mechanic Jason St. John.

"It slowed down a little bit, because the ice and everything, couldn't nobody get in here, but since the streets started clearing up and everything we've seen a big influx of cars," St. John said.

St John said most cars coming in actually have the same problems, all caused by the ice.

"Bumper and fender jobs.  A lot of damage underneath the vehicles where people have been running over stuff when they can't see what it is," St. John said.

While the roads were dry across Jonesboro on Tuesday, more snow is in the forecast for Wednesday.

It could lead to more road problems and business for tow companies and auto body shops.

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