Major repairs needed at Mississippi County Courthouses

Major repairs needed at Mississippi County Courthouses

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Mississippi County leaders work to make repairs at both county courthouses.

Justice Michael White said the biggest repair at the Blytheville courthouse is the roof.

"We have a tile roof and both of our courthouses are under the National Register of Historic Places," White said. "We're under some limitations as to what kind of renovations and work can be done to the courthouse buildings."

He said the Osceola courthouse is also in need of a new broiler.

"It's a constant process when you have 2 100 year old courthouse facilities." White said. "Renovations and repairs are a constant process."

White said the cost to repair the roof is expected to exceed over $300,000.

"Roof repair on a tile roof is difficult at best and expensive at worst and it's just not done by everybody," White said. "We've contracted with an architectural firm to make projections as to what repairs need to be done," said White.

County Judge Carney signed an agreement with the architectural firm that will allow them to apply for federal grants to help cover the cost of the repair.

"It's a must do, we have to fix this roof," White said. "$300,000 is a little more than the county can stand on its own so we're exploring every avenue about what we can do to keep this facility up and running.

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