Jonesboro Attorney Remains Hospitalized after December Shooting

January 17, 2005 -- Posted 4:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- It's quiet outside Bill Webster's law office on Franklin Street in Jonesboro, a change from the scene on December 27, when the 61 year-old was shot twice, once in the face and once in the abdomen.

Friend and attorney Jim Burton visited Webster in the hospital over the weekend.

"To the best of my information his surgeries have been completed, but it's just going to be a long recuperation," said Burton. "You don't get shot in the face and abdomen and spring right back."

For safety reasons Webster is recuperating at a Jonesboro hospital under a pseudonym. His alleged shooter, Allen Evans, is being held in Florida, awaiting to be transported back to Arkansas. Earlier in January, Evans confessed to the shooting.

Meanwhile, at the Carousel Beauty Salon, across from the Webster law office, clients are still asking Deborah Barber about what she witnessed on that awful day.

"At the time your adrenaline is going so quick that you don't think about being scared at the moment you just think about what can we do, what can we do to get some help," said Barber.

Luckily on that day, things were slow at the salon. Had it been busy, Barber says she may not have seen what happened nor made that crucial 911 call.

"We told him just wait just be still because they're fixin to be on their way." said Barber.

While Mr. Webster remains hospitalized, there is a note posted outside his office door for clients to pick up their case files.

"If anybody needs to pick up their file, or if they have a pending date that they're aware of which is pressing, then they need to get in touch with our firm here," said Burton.

As for now, Jim Burton isn't closing the door on a professional return for Bill Webster in the future.

"I think Bill Webster will be back one way or another," said Burton.