School offers to teach parents Common Core through special program

School offers to teach parents Common Core through special program

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - Many parents voice concern when it comes to the new teaching methods associated with Common Core standards.

Piggott Elementary school heard those concerns and decided to sponsor a special program for parents to help them learn the new math series.

All week long they are having an open-door policy so parents can come in and sit down during a math lesson.

Regina Gossett, 3rd grade parent, said she and her daughter have struggled with the new curriculum.

"When you have something new or introduced you do have struggles, but like anything else once you figure it out how to do it, it will be ok," Gossett said.

That's why Gossett joined her daughter for Math Days at Piggott Elementary on Wednesday.

"I think it's important to be involved in your child's education to see what they are learning, and what they are doing in the classroom every day," Gossett said.

Tables and chairs are set up in the back of the classroom along with the workbook each child takes home. Parents are able to sit through an entire math lesson and follow along just like the students.

Parents can also sit with their child at their desk and follow along with online activities.

Leean Mann, Piggott Elementary School principal, said the idea for the program stemmed from parents concern.

"We thought if we could just bring them together and have this math week this week that maybe some of the parents will get some insights into how the teachers teach new math series and how the kids are learning," Mann said.

Mann said adjusting to the new frameworks was difficult for the school.

"It's a different way of teaching but we want students to understand because we have to build," Mann said. "A good parent and a good teacher knows this too, you have to build on what the students already know."

Multiple parents joined the class Wednesday to better understand the new ways of teaching.

"The kids naturally want to do good," Mann said. "The teachers of course want to teach well, and the parents want to help their kids."

With the upcoming PARCC assessment, Gossett said there's no time to waste.

"Anytime the school allows the parents to come in and work and learn along I think it's definitely helpful," Gossett said.

She said taking the time out of your day is worth every minute.

"Just as a parent, I think it's our duty to be responsible and to help our children," Gossett said.

Gossett encourages other parents to attend.

"If parents are available to come and take time out of their day, I think it's definitely important," Gossett said. "They should do that."

The program lasts for the remainder of the week, but Mann said parents are welcome to come by anytime. Mann believes it takes good teachers, good students, and good parents to have a successful school.

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