New police division works to fight against drugs

New police division works to fight against drugs

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - The Walnut Ridge Police Department has a new drug interdiction division.

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp said he started the program to help combat a growing drug problem in the area.

Snapp named Patrolman Bubba Blackwood as the supervisor over the new division.

Blackwood said the fight against drugs in Lawrence County requires teamwork with other departments in the county.

"I want it out of Lawrence County," Blackwood said. "If we run it out of Lawrence County maybe we can run it out of other counties."

Blackwood spends part of his day patrolling the city and highways.

He said there are telltale signs he notices when he pulls someone over.

"If they're nervous, their disposition, their body language," Blackwood said.

He said there are two prominent drugs in the area.

"Prescription drugs are abused daily," Blackwood said. "That's a big factor. Meth is affluent and it's here." said Blackwood.

Blackwood said when there's an uptick in crime, it could be related to drug use.

"A big part of the thefts are drug related because they're trying to get stuff to support their habit," Blackwood said. "If we can stop the theft, we can stop the meth."

He said the department is very serious about cracking down on drugs.

"If you're going to do them, good luck because I'm going to come knock on your door sooner or later if I find out," Blackwood said.

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