A Better Region 8: Sportsmanship Exemplified

A Better Region 8: Sportsmanship Exemplified

I've been asked more than once: "Can you do more good news?" That's a great question, and it's one we often ask ourselves.

This week, Region 8 Sports Director Blake Guinn brought us a story out of Valley View High School that fits the bill. Valley View men's basketball team member Corey Jones had the game of his life this week.

Corey is a senior on the team and also has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Coach Jason Manchester made the decision to put Corey in for his first start. At the tip, Corey got the ball, drove it down the court and put the first points of the game on the board. Then as Wynne drove back down the court, Corey blocked a shot lighting up the crowd.

This took effort from both Valley View and Wynne and made for an emotional moment that will go down in Region 8 sports history.  Both schools are getting good publicity in local press and social media and Yarnell's is even doing an ice cream party for both teams. All this good publicity is well deserved and we need to applaud this good news and congratulate everyone involved.

In the end, Valley View won the game and will play for a chance at the conference title. When Blake Guinn interviewed Corey about his experience, Corey summed it up like this: "I tend not to think about myself too much, I want my team to accomplish stuff whether I accomplish something or not." That is something all of us should live by!

We salute Corey Jones for going for the slam dunk of a lifetime! We salute his coaches and teammates at Valley View High School and the players and coaches at Wynne High School. Your willingness to come together and show love to Corey and his family, and showing class and sportsmanship truly make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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