Mammoth Spring man charged with 5 counts of rape

Mammoth Spring man charged with 5 counts of rape

MAMMOTH SPRING, AR (KAIT) - A Fulton County man is in jail charged with raping a 13 year old multiple times.

Jacob Richardson, 18, of Mammoth Spring was arrested and charged with 5 counts of rape on Tuesday, according to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office. The incidents occurred sometime between Nov. 2014 and Jan. 2015.

According to court documents, the victim was interviewed by an investigator with the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division on Jan. 20.

The child told the investigator Richardson had sex with her on "more than one occasion" at a friend's house in Mammoth Spring. She said Richardson told her he could go to jail if anyone found out they had sex. She also said she drank alcohol that Richardson had brought.

Richardson was interviewed about the incidents on Feb. 24.

He told police he did have sex with the victim on "about 5 occasions" and that he did not know the girl was 13 when he first had sex with her. But he then told investigators he had sex with the victim 4 times after learning she was underage.

Richardson also admitted the incidents happened at the same home in Mammoth Spring. He stated that he did bring alcohol and drank it, but did not see the victim drink.

Richardson is currently in the Fulton County Jail.

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