Wanted man tries to evade arrest, ends up all wet

Wanted man tries to evade arrest, ends up all wet

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police say a man wanted in Brinkley on suspicion of a sexual assault wound up all wet when he tried to evade arrest by wading a creek.

Around 11:30 p.m. Thursday an officer spotted a black Dodge Nitro missing a tail light cover in downtown Jonesboro. When the officer attempted a traffic stop, the driver sped northbound on Church Street, according to the incident report.

Adhering to department policy about pursuits, the officer said he turned off his emergency lights but continued to watch the vehicle. Dispatch then told him the car had been stolen, the report said.

Other officers began searching the area around Allen and Woodrow Streets where the car was last seen.

The car was found parked in the yard of a house in the 500 block of 4th Street with its lights on and the driver's side door open, the report said.

By that time a K9 unit had joined the pursuit and together they began a track from the car to a nearby woods where the original officer "heard someone running in the woods."

The officers came to a large ditch and "could see what looked like fresh footprints and disturbances in the earth on the other side," the report stated.

"I estimated that the water in the ditch was possibly close to 3 feet deep," the officer said. "So we knew our suspect would be very wet."

By this time more officers and another K9 patrol had joined the search on the other side of the ditch.

Along the bank of a creek that runs south of Woodrow the second K9 officer, Marko, "began to show an interest around a chain link cross fence," the report stated.

The officers went to the fence and saw the suspect, later identified as Antonio Dixon, 35, of Brinkley, "curled up in the fetal position attempting to conceal himself," the officer said.

The officers drew their service weapons and ordered Dixon to show his hands, the report said.

When Dixon would not comply, one of the officers picked up Marko and put him over the fence.

"Marko then bit Dixon on the right arm," the officer said. "After Marko bit Dixon, he started complying with commands to show his hands and turn over on his stomach."

After the officers were able to reach Dixon, they called Marko off the bite.

According to the report, Dixon was "soaking wet from crossing the creek."

When asked for his identification, police say Dixon initially gave a false name; but, an officer found his ID in his wallet.

After running his name through dispatch, officers learned that Dixon had 4 warrants in Jonesboro and was wanted in Brinkley on a sexual assault charge, the report said.

While being taken into custody, Dixon complained he had injured his leg and could not walk. An officer took him to the emergency room of a local hospital where he was treated for a broken tibia and released back into police custody.

Dixon was taken to the Craighead County Detention Center where he was cited with careless/prohibited driving, no proof of insurance, driver's license suspended, fleeing in a vehicle, fleeing on foot, leaving the scene of an accident, DWI, obstructing governmental operations , and 4 counts of nonpayment of fines. At last report he was being held in lieu of a $3,720 surety bond and a $1,042 cash bond awaiting a court date on Monday, March 2.

Arkansas State Police requested his clothing and all of his property at the time of Dixon's arrest for evidence.

Region 8 News contacted the Brinkley Police Department. A spokeswoman for the chief said they could not comment on the sexual assault allegations at that time.

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