Jonesboro intersection see's no relief after updates

Jonesboro intersection see's no relief after updates
Source :(KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Increased traffic at a Jonesboro intersection isn't seeing the relief drivers anticipated.

After changes and increased business, people say attempts to make the Harrisburg and Parker road intersection better have failed.

11,000 cars pass through the intersection daily, and because of the new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, an extra 2,100 cars are estimated to drive through Harrisburg and Parker road.

Wal-Mart added an extra lane and turn lane, but drivers said it's not exactly what they expected. Lindley Pipkens, Meals for Moms, owns a business on the intersection and said she can't tell that the extra lane has made any difference.

"And what's weird is that the asphalt is poured but there is no markings for it to be an actual lane," Pipkens said. "It's like an empty extra shoulder."

Pipkens said from what she can see, the traffic is still just as bad as it was before the market opened.

"You know the traffic is still horrendous at the same times, Wednesday nights when church is in, right after school, right at five o'clock," Pipkens said. "And it's still the same congestion, but I haven't noticed that it's worsened."

Lindley said while the traffic is awful, she hopes it brings foot traffic to her business. The city is getting more land at the intersection ready for future commercial property.

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