Paragould resident concerned over wrecks at new bypass

Paragould resident concerned over wrecks at new bypass

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The new Highway 412 Bypass in Paragould has some residents concerned.

"When the bypass opened up, we talked about how there was going to be a bad accident there," Theresa Carrell told Region 8 News.

Those predictions were accurate as already, several accidents have already been reported.

The bypass opened a little over a month ago and intersects with Highway 69.

Despite added signs and increased police patrols, people living near that intersection say it's only matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

"The two that are the main concern, this one and that one right there," Carrell told Region 8 News as she pointed out debris in the ditch along the bypass.

"It's pretty bad," she said as she tossed a piece of a car aside. "Looks like a mirror down there in the ditch."

She said since the bypass opened, this sight is extremely common.

Carrell said though she's only seen the aftermath of the wrecks so far, she lives close enough to have heard them.

"To be outside and to hear the screeching tires trying to come to a halt and the impact," she said. "It's just really scary."

Just this week, two wrecks happened within hours of each other at the same spot. Carrell said she drove past the second wreck and her heart stopped..

"That's the one I thought was possibly my daughter because I seen the rear end sticking up in the air and it was the white car," Carrell said. "That's when tears came to my eyes."

Carrell said it turned out to not be her daughter's car but it still shook her up.

She explained that the problem isn't from a lack of patrol from law enforcement.

She said she sees cars stopped often for speeding.

"That's good but they can't be there all the time," she said.

Carrell said she just hopes getting the word out on the dangers of the bypass will keep more wrecks from happening.

"I just don't want to see anyone killed out here. I don't want to raise the fatality rate for Arkansas."

Though the Eastern 412 bypass is now complete and open, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is still in the planning phases of the Western section of the bypass.