Bill may help schools make up snow days

Bill may help schools make up snow days

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Some schools in Arkansas are excited about a bill that made it to the governor's desk, which gives them another option to make up school days. Some parents, though, are not fans of the new option.

The bill states that schools will have the option to add 60 minutes to the beginning or end of every school day to make up for lost time. It takes 6 hours of instructional time to consider a day a full day.

Superintendent of Greene County Tech, Jerry Noble, said he appreciates the extra option to make up days. The school missed 4 days due to winter weather and plans to add them to the end of the school year. Noble said if they miss any more days, they plan to add the extra hour to the day.

"We are adding 4 days. We've already missed 4 days. We are adding 4 days onto the end, but if we miss any more, the plans are to start adding them on by the hour," Noble said. "And it looks like this week, it is very possible we will miss some days."

Even though the school likes this new option, some parents do not.

Tisha Baldwin's son attends GCT and said she would rather see the school add the days at the end of the year.

"I think it might be easier to just tack them on to the end of the school year as long as we don't go too far into June and take up that summer vacation," Baldwin said.

Her concern is what happens before and after school. She said it would be very difficult to get her child up in time to go to school if the time was added in the morning. At the end of the day, Baldwin said she would worry about children getting off of the bus in the dark.

Other parents had similar concerns with this new way to make up school days.

Noble said if the school board approved his recommendation, they would add time to each period during the school day.

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