First responders prepare for winter storm

First responders prepare for winter storm


Even though some people get the day off from school or work, there is a group of people who still have to brave the weather and get to work.

Emergency services like E-911 and the Jonesboro Police Department are just a few of those who have to go into work. These services have prepared for the winter weather expected to hit the area.

Sergeant George Martin with the police department said the officers are told to fill up on gas just in case. Most of the police vehicles used are 4-wheel drive, which Martin said would help them get around a little easier on the icy roads.

Martin said some officers will sit in problem areas in their district in order to respond to calls quicker when they are needed. The officers come from the patrol and traffic divisions but Martin said the department is able to pull more officers from other areas if needed.

Director of E-911 Jeff Presley said his department constantly checks the road conditions for other departments and his workers. There needs to be at least 5 people working in the E-911 office at all times.

For workers like Mellenee Bennett, the roads become a bit too icy for her to drive on.

"So normally I just make sure if I can't drive, because I do live in the county, I have about an 8 mile trip that I have to get to work," Bennett said. "So normally what I do, I have to arrange for someone to bring me if I don't feel comfortable driving it myself."

Presley said if some of his workers don't feel comfortable driving themselves, he will pick them up in his 4-wheel drive vehicle.

"The winter storm coming in could be very busy for 911," Presley said. "So we're always aware of the weather approaching. We make sure we have enough personnel here. We make provisions, if we have to go get somebody in a 4-wheel drive we're prepared to do that."

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