Pawn shop petitions used to protect stolen items

Pawn shop petitions used to protect stolen items

GREENE COUNTY,AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 sheriff has tips for you to protect yourself so you do not become a victim twice.

Carla Wilson of Paragould found her stolen property in a local pawn shop and then had to buy it back in February.

Greene County Sheriff David Carter said to file a report with police then get a copy of that report and take it the prosecutor's office.

"At the prosecutor's office, they'll give you a notice of hearing," said Sheriff Carter. "What that does is gets you in court."

Sheriff Carter said the notice of hearing document is important because it prevents the pawn shop from selling the merchandise in question.

You will then appear before a judge who will determine the fate of the stolen items.

"The pawn shop owners, once they've been served with this notice, if they still have the property in their possession, they can't get rid of it," said Sheriff Carter. "They have to bring the property to court with them."

Sheriff Carter also suggests that you document your valuable possessions with a proof of purchase, serial number or by photographing it.

This will ensure when you appear before a judge that the property originally belonged to you.

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