Region 8 Sports Outdoors: Inaugural Edition

Region 8 Sports Outdoors: Inaugural Edition

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - The Region 8 Sports department is proud to present a new segment for our sportscasts that we hope will expand our content to our sportsmen who not only love athletics, but outdoors as well. We are excited to bring you

Region 8 Sports Outdoors


This segment will air every Wednesday night on Region 8 Sports and will be featured on

with an accompanying written article about the topic discussed during that week's episode.

Region 8 Sports Outdoors features the insight of long time outdoors enthusiast Tommy Garner. "I think we live in one of the greatest places in the world to hunt and fish and raise kids," Garner said, "We have so many lakes, so many rivers and streams that are just full of fish."

In next weeks edition, Tommy will show us how to score a deer in a rather unusual set-up. Be sure to stay tuned to Region 8 Sports on Wednesday nights and on for the latest from Region 8 Sports Outdoors.