AHTD plans to repeat process to clear roads

AHTD plans to repeat process to clear roads

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department received help from Mother Nature as road conditions slowly improved Thursday.

The AHTD spent all night Wednesday clearing major highways and spreading a mixture of sand and salt to help drivers who had to drive. Their process included blading the roads while spreading the mixture on the high traffic roads.

District Engineer Walter McMillan said they plan to continue this process through Friday.

"Tonight when things freeze back up, we will sorta repeat the process again tomorrow on some different roadways and we will keep going through that process until we get them all clear," McMillan said.

The department utilized their 40-41 trucks throughout the district since Wednesday afternoon when the winter weather hit the state.

AHTD has not been the only group to stay busy throughout the Winter Storm. Towing services like KEG Towing were out helping people who were stuck in the snow and ice since Wednesday.

Gary Mask at KEG Towing said his guys answered about 80 different calls for assistance in the span of a day and a half.

He said there has not been one specific roadway that received more accidents. They have all been spread out around the area according to Mask.

He said the calls they have received have not been major accidents.

"It's just been people slid in the ditch off the roadways and nothing major. Haven't worked anything major but people just can't get any traction to go anywhere," Mask said.

Both Mask and McMillan advised drivers to use extreme caution if you have to get out on the roads.

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