Crews to sand roads this weekend

Crews to sand roads this weekend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A few days after this week's storm, Jonesboro drivers want to know when the roads will be clear.

Jonesboro Communications Director Fritz . said road crews have been working hard in 12 hour shifts to make sure the roads are clear for drivers.

As of Friday, most of the work on the main roads was done.

Jonesboro Street Superintendent Steve Tippitt said the city has 8 dump trucks and 3 chemical trucks.

He said those plows are out working to clear the roads for drivers.

Gisler said road crews didn't pretreat the roads this time around.

“When we try to pretreat the roads and it rains beforehand, it basically just washes all the pretreatment off,” Gisler said.

Once the storm passed, Gisler said the crews went to work on the roads.

“The primary roads get taken care of first and those are the primary thoroughfares where most of the traffic is seen,” Gisler said. “Where they're concentrating now is on the hilly areas this afternoon, and as they clear the hilly areas, they'll move to the flatter areas.”

He said they expect to be done by Friday evening. It's something Jonesboro residents who are cooped up at home are anxious for.

Tippitt said his crews are expected to continue plowing overnight and will start pouring sand on the roads this weekend.

He said if they were to begin laying out the sand Friday night, it will not stick to the places it needs to when drivers drive through it and it would spread around.

Tippitt said it won't be beneficial to drivers in the morning after the liquid refreezes.

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