Wynne police hope to get vehicle-take-home policy

Wynne police hope to get vehicle-take-home policy

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - Wynne police officers are excited about a Police Vehicle Take Home Policy that the Wynne City Council will look at adopting.

Police Chief Jeff Sanders said the department used to have this policy but changes in the department led to its disappearance. He said he has worked for the past few years trying to bring this policy back.

"Several years ago we had take home vehicles here," Sanders said. "With the department change, the department head changes and everything else that takes place, within time it was taken away for whatever reason, I don't know."

They department lacked in the amount of vehicles to start this policy. Sanders said the mayor budgeted for the department to get 3 new vehicles every 3 years. They plan to pick up 3 new vehicles Thursday, which will allow each officer to have a personal vehicle.

Sanders says this policy would cut down on call out times and allow the vehicles to last longer. Some of the vehicles now run for 2 to 3 shifts, that last 12 hours each, before they get to rest.

There are some stipulations with the policy. An officer must live within the city limits in order take a vehicle home. These vehicles will also not be used for personal use. Sanders said it is to get to work and back.

Residents who live in neighborhoods with police officers are excited about this policy.

Adam Henderson who lives in the Dodd Hill area said he likes having the 3 police officers in his neighborhood. He believed this new vehicle take home policy was a great idea.

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