Boy Scout Exec Reacts To Fellow Employee's Arrest

January 19, 2005 -- Posted at 11:00 P.M.

PARAGOULD -- The repercussions continue after a Region 8 boy scout executive was arrested for D.W.I., in a council vehicle.

As we first told you last night, 50-year old William Steven Lee, of Paragould, was charged with his second DWI, and a number of other charges Monday night.

He was driving a scout vehicle when he was pulled over.

Leachville Police say he fled the scene of an accident shortly before they pulled him over.

Lee was released from jail late Tuesday afternoon, after posting bail.

He'll be back in court on February 1st.

John Carman is a scout executive for the Quapaw Area Council.

He says in instances when inappropriate incidents occur, it may require that person being removed from the Boy Scouts of America, or correct the behavior......each individual case is different.

He says they do not have any rules of behavior, or codes of conduct.

Carman says they hold, and teach the youth members the ideals in the scout oath and law.

He says they expect and hope the adults will follow, and live by the same ideals.

"I don't think this particular incident sheds any particular light on the Boy Scouts of America. You're referring to an individual incident referring to an individual person. People make mistakes and the guidelines in the scout program, we certainly hold higher ideals for our youth members and adults,"said Carman.

Carman says the ideals and goals for the boy scouts have not changed.

He said they will continue to install good values in young people, and guide them to make ethical decisions.