School postpones state testing due to weather

School postpones state testing due to weather

BAY, AR (KAIT) - While many schools across the state are well into this week's state testing schedule, one school decided students would be better off to postpone for a week.

Bay School District decided after all the winter weather, they wanted to take advantage of the states testing window.

The Arkansas State Board of Education allows for schools to choose when they participate in state testing as long as it falls within the given window. Schools have the rest of March to complete this part of the PARCC Assessment.

Bay decided to postpone testing until Monday, March 16th because they were concerned about their students being out of school for three days due to weather.

Bobby Hutchison, Bay Elementary Principal, said they want their students back on a school schedule before diving into the assessment.

"Just worried about the kids not having instruction for 5 days because you know the weekend also, that they may be a little bit out of the frame of mind to start the testing," Hutchison said.

He said having the kids in class this week is allowing every grade to take additional practice tests.

"Postponing it a week and coming back this week and getting back into a routine, doing some of the practice testing that is going to help them get back into that mind frame of what they need to be," Hutchison said.

Another concern the school had involved the time change. Hutchison said faculty was concerned students would have to take the state test after already losing an hour of sleep.

Students will begin testing on Monday.

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