Jonesboro residents fight to get dog park

Jonesboro residents fight to get dog park

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro residents are fighting to get a dog park in their community.

Supporters met at the Jonesboro Country Club Tuesday night to talk about the need for a place for dogs and dog owners to socialize and be active.

Gary Jones is a dog owner and organized the meeting with Mayor Harold Perrin.

The mayor discussed two different areas that a park could be put. The first is at Craighead Forest Park and the other is downtown near the Earle Bell Center.

Jones said Jonesboro pet owners are dedicated to this project.

"What can we do to get it done this summer, this fall, next spring, as fast as we can," Jones said. "And we are willing to help, if we have to raise money or show up to city council meetings or something like that.

The city's Parks Director Wixson Huffstetler said he doesn't have the money for a park in his budget this year.

He explained that the area at Craighead Forest Park would cost $75,000 to get started. That includes some features, but not fully furnished.

He also said there is not much grant money available for dog parks, but the city is looking at all options.

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