A Region 8 Family Mourns The Loss Of 3 In A Wednesday Afternoon Car Accident

January 20, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m.

MONETTE -- "My mom was a happy go lucky lady. She like to be around her family and giggle, and be around people, and tell jokes. My dad was like that too, not as much though. They lived for their family, and grandchildren,"said the couple's daughter, Sandra Clark.

The accident that claimed the lives of 67- year old Pete Towell, 66-year old Elvie Towell, and 14-year old Matthew Towell is hard for family members to come to terms with.

They are dealing with the tragedy the best, and only way they know how......prayers for strength, and each other shoulders to cry on.

Important life lessons are remembered, even though the teachers are no longer with them.

"We were taught morals and values. We were taught to pay our way. We were taught the value of a dollar,"said Clark.

Three holes are left in a family that can never again be filled.

Tears are shed knowing the time they were on this earth they brought smiles to faces of those lives they touched.

"Just remember me as who I am. Pretty much happy people.....pretty much happy people,"said Clark.