Daughter of murdered man speaks out about plea

Daughter of murdered man speaks out about plea

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The daughter of Harold Hagar, a man murdered in the Newport area, does not agree with the plea deal of one of the men involved in the case.

Christopher Lee was arrested for his involvement in the murder of Harold Hagar, but received a plea deal for aggravated robbery.

Lynnette Marie said she never agreed to the deal. When Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce gave Marie an affidavit to sign, she said she agreed somewhat on the phone. After thinking it over and talking to other relatives, she decided against the plea deal.

By the time she contacted Boyce, the deal had already been struck.

Marie said during the trial, Boyce and his office never kept her in the loop.

"I was never kept in the loop of anything. I had email after email, text after text, phone call after phone call that I put into their offices," Marie said. "I was never kept in the loop about all of the situation that was happening with my father and the 2 boys."

Boyce told Region 8 News he did not agree.

"It is my belief that at all times she understood the subject of our numerous conversations in person, by telephone and electronically," Boyce said in a statement sent to Region 8 News.

Marie said the aggravated robbery conviction Lee received does not make sense because nothing was stolen.

"Robbery was not the motive here and robbery is not the plea bargain that should have happened here, at all," Marie said.

She said her next steps have been planned very strategically. She has been working with other attorneys in the country and wishes to try both men involved in the case in the murder of her father.

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