Winter weather preps not to blame for fading roads

Winter weather preps not to blame for fading roads

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Take a trip through Downtown Jonesboro and you might notice the streets do not seem quite as black as they were just a few months ago.

Last August, before the BBQ Fest, the city spent $14,858 to have Innovative Roadway Solutions of Thayer, MO, apply a surface sealer to Main Street.

City Engineer Craig Light said the sealant—which is made of oil—is designed to keep water out of the cracks.

While he admits the sealant has "faded quite a bit," especially at the intersections where it was mopped on instead of applied with a machine, Light says it is still doing its job.

Light said the winter weather preparations, including pretreatment, had nothing to do with what he calls "marbleizing."

"The black color is incidental," Light said. "The oil is still there."

He said the sealant is expected to have a 2-year life.

"The intent is to reapply or reseal as needed," Light said.

The cost of resealing, according to the city engineer, is $1.21 per square yard. That is much less than the $7 per square yard it would cost to apply an asphalt overlay.

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