Roof on Paragould Aquatic Center damaged in storm

Roof on Paragould Aquatic Center damaged in storm

Construction crews continued their work on Wednesday to repair the roof at the Aquatic Center in the Paragould Community Center.

Mike Carter, assistant director of Paragould Parks and Recreation, said most of the damage was sustained during last year's winter storm.

Carter said a crew has been working to repair the roof for about a week; but, since another storm hit, it's slowed down the repairs.

"There are 24 sliding panels on this indoor pool, several of them were damaged last year and were being repaired this year," said Carter. "While the crew was here we decided let's go ahead and do a maintenance check on all 24 panels."

Carter said the most recent storm also caused a leak inside the community center.

"The water was leaking underneath the wall, came across the hall and into the racquetball room," said Carter. "We are waiting to see if in fact the floor will buckle. We do anticipate having to repair some of the flooring in the racquetball room."

Carter said he expects the crews to wrap up their work on Wednesday night.

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