ASU starts career conversations

ASU starts career conversations

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Representatives with Arkansas State University invite guest speakers to the college to make sure students are aware of potential opportunities when they graduate.

This event is part of Career Conversations and is sponsored by the Masters of Public Administration program.

Research Hydrologist Dr. Michele Reba spoke to students on Wednesday about her agriculture career in federal and state governments.

In her career, Dr. Reba focuses on water quality and quantity for agriculture.

"Agriculture in Arkansas is a huge part of both our culture and our economy," Dr. Reba said. "All of that takes water. All of that influences water resources and water quantity and water quality. Our mission is to look at different issues that would affect that. That may improve that."

Dr. Reba said her career is one that will be needed far into the future.

"Water resources is a huge issue now and I think it will be in the future, both from a quantity and a quality perspective," said Dr. Reba. "The more we do now the more we can preserve and learn about practices and how those practices impact water resources"

Agriculture accounts for 1 out of every 6 jobs in Arkansas.

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