Poinsett Co. crews work on roads hit hard by winter weather

Poinsett Co. crews work on roads hit hard by winter weather

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - While the snow is gone, the next weather concern is flooding, and the excessive rain isn't helping road crews clean up the mess left behind from the snow and ice.

Poinsett County Judge Bob Cantrell said flooding is on his mind, but he knows it's out of his control.

He said that's why county road crews are continuing to work on roads regardless of the next round of rain.

The Poinsett County Road Department worked Thursday to fill holes and grate gravel roads.

Cantrell said the main issue is the ground is too soft, and this leads to a lot of mud and holes.

Judge Cantrell said the weather just hasn't been on their side.

"Freezing and the thaw, then the rain, and we are going to get more rain," Cantrell said. "So it's not going to get any better anytime soon, but we will continuously be working on it. We are out doing what we can."

Cantrell said the highway department even thanked them for the work they've done with helping get roads safe.

He said he just hopes this next rain isn't a drizzle because he says that will make the ground even worse.

Cantrell said a hard and heavy rain would help to pack the ground, but no matter what kind of rain falls, the Poinsett County Road Department will continue to work until roads are back to normal.

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