Patterson man fights against flooding on Cache River

Patterson man fights against flooding on Cache River

PATTERSON, AR (KAIT) - The snow is gone but rain has moved into Region 8 and one man in Patterson is fighting the Cache River to prevent flooding.

Jimmie “Bones” Garner has lived on the Cache River since 1953. He knows there is only so much a person can do to keep it from flooding its banks.

“We put these levees up in here and we put that wall up over there and we got pumps,” Garner said. “I mean, when you live on the river like this, regardless of what you got or how high you got, it eventually is gonna get you. You're gonna flood.”

Garner said the rain water from Patterson runs down to his property. He uses a pump to send it back into the Cache River.

To prevent the water from ruining furniture in his hunting house, he has to stack it up on tables. He even raised the power outlets a few inches not long ago.

He said usually the high waters only last a few days. When heavier rain hits, it can last up to a week.

“It usually don't stay 3 or 4 days, or a week sometimes,” Garner said. “It depends on how much rain that we get. You know, if we get a 6 or 7 inch rain it may stay a week or so.”

Garner said the most he can do is keep pumping out water and hope the rain isn't too bad.

On Thursday Garner said the river was 11.4' deep.

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