Floods may cause some to evacuate their homes

Floods may cause some to evacuate their homes

RIVERVALE, AR - Rising waters may force some people in Region 8 to leave their homes and for a small Poinsett County community, water surrounds them.

Rivervale sits just east of Trumann and north of Marked Tree, and the Little River that flows near the town is getting higher and higher. Water is rising to the top of the levees near Right Hand Chute Little River in Rivervale.

As of Friday, the river was 12 feet high, and according to the National Weather Service, when this river is at 12 feet, evacuations can be necessary and field flooding is widespread.

As the river continues to rise, this isn't the worst flood people in the area have seen.

About 20 miles from Rivervale, past Caraway, some roads are completely flooded at Milligan Ridge. Drivers are using a levee to pass the roadway.

Kolten Bucket lives in Caraway and said he hasn't seen any serious flooding yet, but he is continuously keeping an eye on the water gauges. He said he checks them twice a day in case the water gets too high.

"I guess if it gets too high we will evacuate," Buckett said. "I've seen some people evacuate in 2011. I remember some of them went to Jonesboro and stayed in a hotel room, but it's never been so high that we had to evacuate and leave."

People around town said the highest they've seen the Little River get is over 16 feet in 2011, and after seeing it get that high, flooding is always on their mind.

Workers for the levee department said they are monitoring the rising water and are on call all weekend in case of an emergency.

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