AHTD hopeful construction keeps Hwy 226 from flooding again

AHTD hopeful construction keeps Hwy 226 from flooding again

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Heavy rain is expected in Region 8 on Friday. Between the rain and last week's winter weather, many roads will be under water.

When there's a possibility for flooding, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department keeps an eye on problem areas prone to going under water.

That was almost automatically the case for one highway in Craighead County. Highway 226 from Jonesboro to Cash has had to shut down due to flooding before.

However, construction work to raise the highway and create larger culverts under the road has reduced flooding concerns.

Vicki Thompson has owned Vicki's Store in Cash since 1997 and said she is hopeful this serves as a permanent solution to the flooding problem.

"It's been across the roads several times in the past. so far, this year it hasn't," Thompson said. "I don't know about some of the other places around, how it'll affect them."

Thompson said though there are ways around it, when Highway 226 would flood, it was a major inconvenience.

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