Cotton Farmers Ready for Another Bumper Year

January 22, 2004--Posted 5:00 pm CST

Trumann, AR--2004 was a very good year for farmers.  Now they are just hoping they can do it all over again.


Last yearArkansas farmers set records for most pounds of cotton per acre.  Farmers also bested the 1948 state record for most cotton grown and picked too.  While there are many reasons for the record crop farmers actually attribute it to something they still cannot control….the weather.


“It was nearly perfect.” Fourth generation farmer Dennis Penter says.  “I’ve never seen a year like it.” 


Others agree.  Roy Bird is now retired.  He was never really a full time farmer but owns land and used to help out from time to time.  He says he never thought he would see the day when you could pick more cotton than the gin could keep up with.  “I’ve never seen production in my lifetime this good.” He says.


While last year was a dream year farmers are already preparing for this years crop.  “I like to call myself an optimist.” Dennis Penter says. “I am just going to say I am looking forward to a good crop this next year too.”