JPD: Joe Mack Campbell vandals 'boasted' about the crime

JPD: Joe Mack Campbell vandals 'boasted' about the crime

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police have say 4 teens suspected of vandalizing a city park bragged about it to their friends.

Earlier this year the Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Department reported several thousand dollars' worth of vandalism occurred at Joe Mack Campbell Park between Jan. 2-5.

The vandals broke 9 windows, set fires in the restrooms, and damaged several bathroom fixtures. The suspects also stole a city johnboat, which was later found in a nearby ditch.

At first investigators found no solid leads or usable evidence, according to a news release from Paul Holmes, public information specialist for the Jonesboro Police Department.

Several days later, however, Detective Mike McCanless learned that students at a local high school said a small group of friends was "boasting about and showing a video of the vandalism at the park."

McCanless interviewed the witnesses and learned the names of the 4 juveniles suspected in the vandalism.

Following several weeks of investigations and interviews, police say the suspects "confessed" to taking part in the vandalism.

The teens have been turned over to the Craighead County Juvenile Office.

Police say the video was not recovered due to the phone being upgraded to a newer model.

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