Fire department improves safety rating

Fire department improves safety rating

TYRONZA, AR - The Tyronza Fire Department is helping its community save money.

Fire Departments are rated nationally with an Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating. Insurance companies use this rating to set premiums.

By making improvements, the Tyronza Fire Department's rating went down from a 7 to a 4.

The lower the rating, the more money homeowners can save on insurance. Chief David Wood said some residents have saved nearly 30% on insurance premiums since receiving the new rating.

To improve the ISO rating, the department took part in new training programs, performed extensive pump tests, and upgraded equipment.

Wood said they are constantly trying to improve, and insurance rates are something that can help everyone in the community.

"That effects their livelihood too, insurance and keeping it safe," Wood said. "I've got a group of guys that pushes their selves. They want to achieve different things."

Some of the upgrades include a new water system, new fire truck, and new uniforms. Wood said they are working to make more improvements, and they are excited to be able to help the community along with enhancing the department's abilities to fight fires and save lives.

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