Was It A Meth Lab?

JANUARY 24, 2005

JONESBORO, AR -  Was it a meth lab? That's what residents west of downtown Jonesboro are wondering. Monday afternoon, a home at 309 Walnut Street caught fire. Witnesses reported hearing a loud "boom" right before they saw the flames. The suspicion of those in the area is the explosion and fire were caused by a meth lab.

The Jonesboro Fire Department has just begun its investigation into what caused the fire. As for the possibility of a meth cooker exploding, 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force agents believe that is a possibility. However, one member of the task force told K8 news over the phone that most all, if any evidence that could prove there was a meth lab in the home was destroyed. That makes it very difficult to press any charges.

Two people were injured in the explosion and fire. They actually drove themselves to the hospital. One was airlifted to Little Rock. The other to Springfield, Missouri.