Community makes prom happen for Paragould ministry

Community makes prom happen for Paragould ministry

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Less than a month before the Prom Dress Ministry's second annual event, Director Ginger Thornton found the storage unit that housed the dresses flooded.

The water ruined more than 40 donated dresses that would have gone to girls who couldn't afford their own.

But once Region 8 News reported the need, the community delivered.

"Everyone really stepped up," Thornton said. "We have so many dresses today. We have 400 dresses for the girls to choose from."

Within the first hour of the Prom Dress Ministry's event, more than 20 girls came in and found their dream dress.

"They are very humbled and thankful," Thornton said. "Everyone who has been here so far, the girls and their moms, are so appreciative and they say 'thank you' over and over."

Once they say yes to the dress, it doesn't end there. Girls could get alterations on the dress, accessorize, get their nails done, even sign up for teeth whitening all free of charge.

"Just to make these girls have the prom of their dreams and to feel pretty while doing it," Thornton said. "The career field that I'm in, I work a lot with children in need and families that are in need. Several of my clients said, 'I can't go to prom because I can't afford it. And I was like, 'No, this can't happen any more.'"

Thornton said she will save any leftover dresses from Saturday for next year's Prom Dress Ministry event.

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