Mayor's son suddenly resigns job at JPD

Mayor's son suddenly resigns job at JPD

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Little more than 3 months after the Jonesboro City Council approved a resolution creating a position for him in the police department, the mayor's son announced he is leaving the job.

Mark Perrin resigned his position as Sex Offender Registration Specialist on Friday.

"He said he was going to pursue a career in his degree field," said Paul Holmes, public information specialist with the Jonesboro Police Department.

Mayor Harold Perrin told Region 8 News in December his son had an "engineering background" and had worked for Nordex.

When asked if the police department is now taking applications for the open position, Holmes said because the "position is so recently vacated" Captain B.J. Smith, who is the department's administration captain, said they "haven't even considered it yet."

On Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014, the city council approved a resolution creating the sex offender registration specialist position.

At the time Mark Perrin was already fulfilling many of the job duties as a part-time employee, according to Chief Rick Elliott.

He and the mayor assured the city council that nepotism was not a factor in the decision to hire the mayor's son.

"He will be treated like any other employee that works under my command," Elliott said in December. "Any violations or anything else will be disciplined."

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